Termite Damage
                                                  Who are they, and what's their purpose ?

Termites  attack  wood that is close to the ground.   Termites feed on wood and serve an important function by converting dead trees
into organic matter.   In a forest, this is beneficial because dead branches  and trees are recycled and enrich  the  soil.   In  this   area,
there are two kinds of homes: those  that  have termites and  those that will have termites.  Termites cause over $5 billion dollars in
damages every year,and most home owner's insurance doesn't cover any of those damages.  
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Once you know what to look for – especially the mud tubes – that’s  a  sure sign of the presence of termites. The next  step  is to call a
pest control company to treat the infestation. If termite damage is determined, you can call us for an inspection and we will  schedule  
an  appointment to make the necessary repairs.  We'll be there within a day or two GUARENTEED!
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                                       What does termites look like ?

Many home owners often ask themselves the question “what does termites or termite damage look like?”   
It’s a question you should ask yourself as a responsible property owner. You should also be aware of what
termite damage can do to your home. Most termites live in underground colonies (nests), that may be 5
to 10  feet below the  surface. Termites are only about 1/8 inch long yet, the workers forage hundreds of
feet, traveling underground, surfacing periodically, searching for food (wood) to feed the colony.
Signs of Termite Damage
Termites MUST have constant access to water and if they
tunnels or tubes to the ground, which they keep wet with
water  from  the ground.  The termites live in  these  mud  
tubes  and  they   feed on  wood,  they especially like moist
wood that is most likely going to be near the foundation of
the home. Signs of termite damage in a home includes the
presence of  mud  tubes. Places  where  wood  is close to  soil  is
 a  good place for you to  start when  looking  for  signs  of
termite  damage.
Mud Tubs